Welcome to Middletown Urologic Associates, PC. For more than forty years, MUA has been providing premier care to the communities in the Hudson Valley region. Our group of board-certified urologists are highly trained in all aspects of urology and offer innovative, state of the art treatments for a wide variety of urologic conditions. The cornerstone of our practice is providing superior patient service in a warm and caring environment.

Middletown Urologic Associates team

We offer a wide range of services including treatment of kidney, bladder, prostate and testicular cancers; sexual dysfunction; infections of the kidney, bladder, prostate and testes; male infertility; prostate disorders; kidney stones and urinary incontinence.

We have outstanding physicians, a physician assistant, and medical staff who are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care. The physicians of Middletown Urologic Associates are licensed by the state of New York, Fellows of the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.), board certified practitioners, and are affiliated with Orange Regional Medical Center, St. Anthony’s and Bon Secours Community Hospitals.

Middletown Urologic Associates provides you with specialized care in a state-of-the-art facility with diagnostic equipment that enables us to diagnose and treat patients with proficiency. We are proud to be able to provide ambulatory surgery in our very own accredited office based Surgery Center which provides convenience and a superior level of care to our patients. You will be monitored by our Director of Surgical Services who is a Registered Nurse with greater than forty years experience. We perform on-site Cat Scan services for brain, sinus, chest, abdominal, pelvis CT’s by our Board Certified Technologist. In addition, we offer in-house specialized Pathology Laboratory for review of biopsy specimens by our Board Certified Pathologist enabling fast turn-around-time for test results.

These on-site services provides us with the opportunity to more effectively coordinate our patient’s health care and immediate attention to questionable or positive results.

We are committed to providing the highest level of care where the patient is our first priority.